Electronic journal of biology and ecology

“Biology and ecology” (www.tadqiqot.uz/en/journals/biological-sciences) is an electronic journal designed to promote the development of biological sciences. The specialization of the journal is the biological sciences. In the electronic journals will be published articles by national and foreign authors on contemporary achievements, innovative ideas and future perspectives in the field of scientific and practical biology.

Tamar Nadiradze – Professor of Ecology, Head of the Chair of Biology-Ecologies, Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University.

Tel: +995 3150 27 45 82
Mob: +995 5913 33 89 45
E-mail: nadiradze_t@yahoo.com , tamila.nadiradze@gmail.com

Tinatin Khokhobasvili (patronymic name- Gurami) – The founder and a director of the circle of worldwide scientists, Georgia

Tel: 551 555 235
E-mail: tiniko.xoxobashvili@mail.ru

Gadirova Elmina Musrat( ass.prof) – Baku State University, Depot. of the Ecological Chemistry