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“Journal of Law Research” (www.tadqiqot.uz) is an electronic journal designed to promote the development of the national legal science. Specialization of the journal is the legal sphere. The pages of the electronic journal will be published articles by national and foreign authors on current achievements and future prospects in the field of legal science. The electronic journal will cover the ongoing democratic reforms in the country, mainly the tasks outlined in the Strategy of Action for the five priority development directions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021, new approaches in the field of legal education, and modern achievements of the world and national legal science.

Our capabilities

  • We work quickly and efficiently;
  • We assist in the preparation of scientific articles;
  • We assist on articles publication in foreign journals;
  • We invite you to the conferences;
  • We will ensure the safety of materials in the archive;
  • And other possibilities.

Editorial Board of the journal “Law Research”

Abdurasulova Kumriniso Raimkulovna

Chief Editor
Doctor of Law, Professor

Faiziev Shohrud Pharmonovich

Deputy Chief Editor, Doctor of Law

12.00.01 – Theory of law and state, History of legal doctrines

Doctor of jurisprudence, professor Halimbai Babayev
Yosuke Shamoto (Japan)
Doctor of Law, Professor Artur Gambaryan (Republic of Armenia)
Doctor of Law, Professor Akhmedshayeva Mavluda
Doctor of Law, Professor Mukhiddinova Firyuza
Doctor of Law, Professor Adilkhodjaeva Surayo Mahkamovna
Doctor of Law, Professor Sattorov Abdugaffar

12.00.02 – Constitutional Law; administrative law; financial right

Doctor of jurisprudence Gulchehra Malikova
Sung Un Lee (South Korea)
Doctor of jurisprudence Khusanov Ozod
Candidate of Law Hvan Leonid Borisovich
Doctor of Law Silimanova Svetlana
Пешкова Христина Вячеславовна доктор юридических наук, доцент (Российская Федерация)

12.00.03 – Civil law; Business law; family law; Private international law

Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer in the Republic of Uzbekistan Okulyov Omonoboy
Professor Dr Ahmad Issa Altweissi (Jordan)
Doctor of Law, Professor Ruzinazarov Shukhrat
Doctor of Law, Professor Shomukhamedov Zamira
Doctor of Law, Professor Rustam Ruziev
Doctor of Law, Professor Baratov Mirodil
Doctor of Law, Associate Professor Bobokul Toshev

12.00.04 – Civil Procedure Law; Economic procedural law, arbitration process and mediation

Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer in the Republic of Uzbekistan Esanova Zamira Normurodovna
Jason A. Cantone Federal Judicial Center (USA)
Doctor of Law, Professor Egamberdiev Eminjon
Doctor of Law, Professor Mamasidyov Muzaffar

12.00.05 – the Labor law; Social security law

Doctor of Law, Professor Usmanova Muborak Akmalkhanovna
Doctor of Law Denisov Gleb (Russian Federation)
Candidate of Juridical Sciences Mikhail Gasanov
Candidate of Legal Sciences Sattorova Gulnoza
Candidate of Legal Sciences Murodova Gulnora
Doctor of Law Atajanova Dinara Salimjanovna

12.00.06 – Natural resource law; Agrarian law; Environmental law

Doctor of Law, Professor Fayziyev Shukhrat Khasanovich
Doctor of Law, Professor Usmonov Muhammadi Bahridinovich
Doctor of Law, Professor Holmuminov Juma
Doctor of Law, Professor Juraev Yuldash Achilovich

12.00.07 – The judicial authority. Prosecutor supervision. Organization of law enforcement activities. Advocacy

Doctor of Law, Professor Pulatov Baktiyor Halilovich
James B. Eaglin Federal Judicial Center (USA)
Doctor of jurisprudence Salomov Bahrom Salomovich
Doctor of Law, Professor Kairat Osmonaliev (Kyrgyzstan Republic)
Candidate of Law, Associate Professor Sergei Shoshin (Russian Federation)
Doctor of Law, Professor Alexei Kibalnik (Russia Federation)
Doctor of Law, Professor Vladislav Kudryavtsev (Russia Federation)

12.00.08 – Criminal law and criminology; Criminally-executive law

Doctor of Law, Professor Kabulov Rustam
Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer in the Republic of Uzbekistan Rustambaev Mirzayusup Khakimovich
Doctor of Law, Professor Elena Antonyan Alexandrovna (Russian Federation)
Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor Raisa Jansaraeva (Republic of Kazakhstan)
Professor Yuldoshev Rifat Rahmadzhonovich (Republic of Tajikistan)
Doctor of Law, Professor Razhabova Mavjuda Abdullaevna
Doctor of Law, Professor Rustam Ahmedovich Zufarov
Doctor of Law, Professor Takhirov Farhod
Doctor of Law, Professor Ismoilov Isomiddin
Matthew Light (Canada)

12.00.09 – Criminal procedure, criminalistics, operative-search law and judicial examination

Doctor of Law, Professor Inamagzhanova Zumrathon Fatkhullaevna
Professor Ryzhakov Alexander Petrovich (Russian Federation)
Doctor of Law, Professor Zayniddin Iskandarov (Republic of Tajikistan)
Professor Sergey Pen (Republic of Kazakhstan)
Associate Professor Alexey Pours (Republic of Belarus)
Doctor of Law, Professor Pulatov Yuri Sayfievich
Doctor of jurisprudence Mukhiddinov Fakhriddin
Doctor of Law, Professor Tulaganova Gulchekhra Zakhitovna
Doctor of jurisprudence Mirazov Davron
Jurgen Maurer (Germany)
Kevin Curtin (USA)
Стойко Николай Генадьевич профессор, доктор юридических наук (Российская Федерация)

12.00.10 – International law

Doctor of Law, Professor Ismoilov Bakhodir
Alexander Trunk (Germany)

Doctor of Law, Professor Matkarimov Gulchera
Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Professor Yuldasheva Govherjan

The electronic journal “Law Research” accepts scientific articles sent to the editors by specialists who study in the basic doctoral studies (Ph.D.) and doctoral studies (DSc), applicants, senior researchers, teachers, undergraduates and undergraduate students.

The members of the editorial board of the journal conduct an examination of all materials sent to the editorial office.

Articles approved by the Editorial Board will be published in the journal. The total volume of the article should not be less than 6 pages.

Please send all materials to the e-mail address info@tadqiqot.uz, shoxrud@gmail.com


  • Surname, name, patronymic (in full);
  • Academic degree;
  • science degree;
  • Place of work and position;
  • E-mail (e-mail);
  • Phone number (mobile, home).
  • Photo 3х4 and large color high-quality photo in (digital version)


  • The text must be in Microsoft Word.
  • The format is A4.
  • The left and right indents are 2 cm.
  • Font – Times New Roman.
  • The font size is 14.
  • Line spacing is 1.15 cm.
  • The paragraph is 1.25 cm.
  • Graphic images and tables are indicated in color or black and white.
  • Information about the name, place of work (place of study) of the author is indicated in the right corner of the document in italics.
  • The title of the article is indicated – in large block letters in the center of the document.
  • Brief annotation (font 12, interval 1) in Uzbek, Russian and English languages (for foreign authors, the Uzbek version is not required), the recommended number of words is 40-50.
  • Key words and word combinations (at least 7-10) are presented in three languages – Uzbek, Russian and English (for Uzbek authors, the Uzbek version is not required).
  • The surname, name and patronymic of the author are written separately.
  • Footnotes in the text are indicated as follows: (1, p. 195), (3, pp. 20, 7, p. 68), (4).
  • List of used literature is listed in alphabetical order, 12 font.


E-mail : vahitdogan@aydin.edu.tr
Dahili Tel : 23401

Borut Strazisar – Head of legal department, Slovenia

Email: borut.strazisar@guest.arnes.si

Umarkhanova Dildora Sharipkhanovna – Doctor of Science in Law. 12.00.10 – International law. Associate professor in the International public law Department of the Tashkent State University of Law